protesting china in israel

on thursday, i stopped by a protest against china and the olympics by the youth of the meretz political party, held across the street from the chinese embassy in tel aviv.

The two slogans on the posters are:

להחרים את סין - "banish/shun china"

סין אלופת עולם בהפרת זכויות אדם
"china is the champion of the world in violating human rights"

they both rhyme in hebrew and make good group chants.

at the rally, there seemed to have been almost more reporters than protesters,

which seemed to lead to good press coverage in the israeli media. in fact, in one brief shot in the beginning of this web video, you can sort of see me on the side, wearing a gray hat and backpack), and can hear some of the chanting.

in contrast to the political chanting, afterwards, wandering by the frischman beach, i encountered a group of israelis doing some kind of aerobics/yoga/dance on the sand that included primal screaming.

to each his own...

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