pre-sunrise selichot

today turned into an early morning. instead of waking up at 4:30 am to catch the end of a late-night football game, we were up at 4am to check out 5am selichot services at the ades synagogue - בית הכנסת עדס in jerusalem's nachlaot neighborhood.

the synagogue was built 100 years ago by a community of jews from aleppo, syria. this jewish community had been the guardians of the aleppo codex, the 1000-year old biblical manuscript that is now in the israel museum. the synagogue is sephardic/mizrachi, so selichot services take place during the entire month of elul, not just the last week or so, as is the ashkenazi practice.

you can listen to a melody used at the synagogue here. (click on the "play button" in the upper-left part of the page, and then a pop-up window will start playing the piyut).

there's also an interesting article on ynet news (in english) about early morning selichot services in nachlaot, including a video (in hebrew). the first synagogue featured in the video is ades, the one we visited.

afterwards, following some much-needed caffeinated beverages at aroma, we were off to the nearby shuk. mmmh... shopping for fresh pita and veggies goes so well with repentance ...

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