shake, shake your lulav... shake it all the time

you may have noticed the beautiful lulav and etrog that i bought for sukkot

and then wondered, how did he acquire such a set? well, right before sukkot, a special market opens up near the machaneh yehudah shuk, called the shuk arbah minim, the market of the four species. the four species being the etrog, and the palm, willow and myrtle branches that make up the lulav.

it's especially busy the day before sukkot

some of the etrogim were on display, but some stayed in boxes. we just finished the shmitah year, in which the land is supposed to lay fallow, and therefore no profit is supposed to be made from agriculture in israel. there's some complicated loop-holes, but the bottom line for etrog purchases, is that some folks say that you weren't allowed to choose your etrog, and had to buy them from a closed box...

but for the lulav, you're supposed to check it out beforehand, before finalizing the purchase

it's gotta have just the right thickness on top, and don't forget the "shake" factor

to find the perfect set ....

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