l'hitraot to mike's place

it's a good thing i figured out how to order fox sports on our cable system yesterday, or otherwise, we might have had some problems trying to watch the game.

apparently mike's place in jerusalem is now closed:
With tears in their beer, some 200 loyal revelers packed Mike's Place on Sunday to bid adieu to the legendary downtown Jerusalem watering hole.

Though the Nahalat Shiva bar had 36 months remaining on its eight-year lease, last fall the landlord Darinel Business Inc. invoked a demolition clause in that agreement to force the bar out. The nondescript 19th-century building, which was originally put up by the Ottoman banker Chaim Aharon Valero, will be demolished shortly as part of an eight-story office tower and commercial complex stretching along Jaffa Road to Kikar Zion.
i wonder which bar will now pick up the "anglo" slack?

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