pluralism in the galilee

during this semester, i've taken part in an intra-faith multilogue (dialogue is for only two voices - far too limiting...) program for rabbinical students studying in jerusalem this year, run by the organization, ta shma. they do a great job of:
providing Hebrew and English-speaking Jews of all ages with educational programming that conveys the excitement and relevance of Jewish texts and tradition.

Recognizing that diversity is one of the Jewish community's greatest assets, Ta Shma offers a model of multi-voiced Jewish learning that emphasizes the importance of constructive disagreement.
participants included reform, orthodox, conservative, trans-denominational and reconstructionist rabbinical students.

one of the reform students has a blog entry up on the huc website about our recent shabbaton in the galilee, and shares some memorable moments.

plus, bonus points if you can find me in the picture below.

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