if you thought that election ads were only in the states ... think again...

this article from the jerusalem post gives a sampling of some of the many election advertisements that have been springing up everywhere, as we get closer and closer to israel's prime minister and knesset elections on february 10.

below is one interesting commercial from meretz, advocating for a broad, pluralistic israeli society. the ad alludes to the famous "first they came for the commmunists..." holocaust-themed poem by pastor martin niemöller.

its translation, courtesy of jewschool.org, is:
without loyalty, no citizenship
without judaism, no citizenship
without zionism, no citizenship
without [army] service, no citizenship

without arabs
without druze
without gays
without the supreme court
without leftists

unless you pay attention
lieberman will get you too

lieberman must be stopped
only a vote for the new movement / meretz
is a net vote
for a coalition that will not sit
with bibi and lieberman

don’t compromise. vote.

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