more israeli election ads ... in english!

here's links to some more israeli election ads, subtitled into english:
  • shas - sephardi, religious - advocating welfare payments to the poor - using obama's "yes we can" slogan
  • israel beiteinu (israel is our home) - party led by avigdor lieberman - advocating stripping israeli citizenship from "disloyal" arab members of knesset, and transfering arab areas of israel (and their inhabitants) to the palestinians in exchange for settlements in the west bank
  • da'am - socialist workers' arab-jewish party - probably won't get enough votes to make it into the knesset
  • likud - center-right party led by benjamin "bibi" netanyahu
  • avodah (labor) - center-left party led by ehud barak
for an explanation of how israel's political system works, check out this article in today's nytimes.

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