the dig - day one

i've posted small versions of my photos from day one online on picasa. i'm working in area p, which probably will yield late bronze age artifacts. maybe even a canaanite ashera...

internet access here at revadim is a bit spotty at times, and i don't have lots of time to post (probably a symptom of those 5am wakeups), so it may be a while before i show select photos with descriptions here on the blog.

highlights of today including clearing away lots and lots and lots of sandbags protecting the site from last year, finding about a bucket full of pottery shards, and then going on a field trip to beit shemesh and tell zoar, and seeing "samson's tomb".


curlytop said...

looks beautiful - reminds me of New Mexico. Is it crazy hot?

What was the blue covering around Samson's tomb?

:) Rach

Bri said...

unclear. it's not really his tomb. previous to 1948, it was the tomb of some arab sheik. then israel took over. some jews eventually got an idea in their head that it was samson's grave, and then so it was.