espresso bars, naked babies, motorcycles and ping pong on the beach

yes folks, i'm now in tel aviv,

about to begin my 6 week summer program with bina, otherwise known as avodah tel aviv. i think both programs acquired their mismatched furniture from the same place.

my tired feet and i spent the day wandering around the city, just soaking it in, and searching for stores open on shabbat to find an extension cord, power strip and other odds and ends. it turns out that israel imports amy's organic lasagna as well as dr praeger's spinach pancakes, each for around $10 at the current dollar to shekel exchange rate, and sells honey bunches of oats, but so far, no raisin bran. but i do like the shoko in a bag. and the kibbutz restaurant on the tayelet in tel aviv makes really good fruit juice smoothies.

but enough of that ... now back to a recap of the last few days of searching for goliath's last supper in the desert.

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