i arrived in tel aviv, but my cell phone didn't

on the plus side, i now have a brand new appreciation for free internet connections and skype.

israelphones, the company that i set up my israeli cell phone with, was supposed to have mailed my cell phone to my attention at the post office at the airport. i arrived, cleared customs, got my bags, figured out where the hell the post office was (it's on the 3rd floor near the bookstore, in case you're curious), but there was no cell phone waiting for me to pick up. i even called the israelphones company and confirmed everything yesterday. at least i was able to skype-call them, and have a skype call-back number.

[update - i should have it at the kibbutz by monday].

on a unrelated note, if you ever have any doubts about the truth behind the "pushy" israeli stereotype, you've never seen the boarding process for continental flight 84 between newark and tel aviv. with the pushing and the shoving to get on the plane, you would think that we were flying southwest or something.

now it's off to kibbutz revadim and the phillistine city of gath, in search of goliath's favorite soup bowl.


curlytop said...

what a way to celebrate independence day!
:) Rach

Bri said...

well, you know, there's more than one type of fireworks