kibbutz revadim

so far, קיבוץ רבדים - kibbutz revadim is very relaxing, but needs better signage. i'm in a guest room (see the middle picture on this page) with an american college student. there's 3 beds in the room; it's unclear whether we're expecting anyone else. i also don't know if i'll have to eventually change rooms.

the kibbutz has a חדר אוכל (dining hall), where they serve breakfast - typical israeli style with fish, eggs, cheese, yogurt, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. i think today, on shabbat, we have leftovers for lunch and dinner. the official dig programming (and meals) starts up on sunday.

walking around the kibbutz, with signs in hebrew, eating at a חדר אוכל, and having israelis working in the kitchen, i feel like i'm at jewish summer camp in wisconsin. who knows, maybe that was by design :)

in case you want to follow along, there's an official dig blog, that will hopefully be updated regularly. each day, we get up at 5am, and dig til noon or so, followed by a series of optional afternoon field trips and lectures. There will supposedly be over 90 volunteers during the 4 weeks of the dig (i'm only here the first two weeks), but i haven't seen them yet.

on the plus side, i've gotten a chance to use my hebrew; the kibbutzniks don't speak a lot of english. i've gotten good at asking "i'm lost, where's the guest rooms?" or "i have no idea where i'm walking to, where's the dining room", and almost being able to understand their answers, such as "walk straight ahead and turn right," which aren't always the most helpful.

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curlytop said...

hmmm.... looks like they make really nice jewelry there.... hint... hint... ;)


P.S. Load up on those cucumbers - supposedly they're the next miracle food. We've been loading up on cucumber juice mixed with kale and lemon. Sounds gross but it's not too bad.